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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Real hero worship for personal change

The worst way to worship a hero is to imitate her. Imitators are sucked in by appearence.

To worship is in a sense relying on the inspirational power of the hero herself. Very few people are interested in the principles that support life in everybody, and many heroic people have their own agenda in being worshipped. So many times it's a hard trial and error matter of painful learning as heroes are given up. It's not so much the gaining of wisdom, but slowly having learnt to avoid uninspiring heroes.

People who can distill the essence of a hero, however, who become what they are worshipping by aligning with what their hero aligns with - these people engage in a very precise and impersonal process.

Genuine hero worship triggers an inner survey or inventory not unlike the Step Four in the Twelve Steps of Recovery. The worship of a hero can bring to light self-imposed obstacles and hidden barriers to growth which the inspiration of the hero as it were casts a light on them.

So for this a few things are useful:

1. If a hero has written words about themselves, write it out! IN your own hand writing. And put it on the world. And as your perception and everyday musings include these thoughts, an automatic progression of awareness occurs.

2. The reverse is true also. Acting with courage in lots of little ways and learning is best. If one can act-as-if without themselves being fooled that they ARE their heroes, many of the inspirational qualities can be discovered in awareness and development proceeds with recognition and deliberate inclusion of inspirational qualities more and more in everyday awareness.

3. The real value of hero pictures on the wall or shrines and and meetings, discussions of one's heroes and so on is that they can provide triggers to remembering these qualities in the worshipper as they emerge in consciousness.


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