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Saturday, April 16, 2005

The Law of the Internet

The Law of the Internet

Almost anything you wish is free on the internet, if it's information, people, contact, or concepts.


Almost nothing you wish is free on the internet, if what you wish is energy, experience, or connection.

Thus the law of the internet.

To put it another way: Online information is free, but online energy is pay-per-use.

To state it at it's extreme: We can gather information about how we like life to be online, but in order to build the life we like we must be offline.

To state it at it's mildest: We can buy as many books on Amazon as we wish, but it's never gonna be as fun as browsing in a real life bookstore. We can watch all the internet porn (but it won't be as fun as simply reading a porn magazine or viewing other's having sex in real life), read all the blogs (but it won't be as engaging as intelligent conversation with friends after dinner, read all the online news (but it won't be as nice as reading the "local" on the kitchen table in the early morning sunlight, and chat to all the people (but it won't be as freaky-strange and challenging and intelligence-building as meeting people in real life)... we can knock ourselves OUT with information, but it will NEVER be the same as the ganging up of experiences against your mind in real life, real time, really embodied forums.

That is the law of the internet.


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