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Sunday, April 17, 2005

On Zed Tycho,,, and Gooru

Listen to THIS voice:

Asia minus Japan has not produced a single quantum invention since 1450 AD.


I want to provide an avenue for the gifted young facilitating Renaissances, and these countries are all in the early stages of a Renaissance.I want to speed it up. These countries have not gone through anything parallel to the Renaissance in the 1500s in Europe or the 60s in the US... We are it right now.

This from a conversation between Kevin Leversee and Bala Pillai on

The astonishing thing here is that the speaker originally came from Malacca!

My guiding metaphor for South East Asian development is the Spice Trade. The emergence of something which actually adds such amazing 'spice' to everyday life that it motivates everyone to attempt to seize control of it. In the previous time the control of the spice fell to the Dutch, then the English during the Great War of 1907-1945 until the end of the British Empire.

So this kind of conversation is really quite something special and unique, a harbinger of things to come:


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