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Sunday, May 15, 2005

God bless the Net.

A disturbing email 'returns' to me. I realize that I never sent that email from my yahoo mailbox. I remember the past...

I once had another yahoo email. One day, when I tried to log in, it told me the password was incorrect.

My email had been hacked. At the time it was just another brick in the wall: I wrote to yahoo help and they could do nothing but send me automated instructions for things I didn't need. I wrote again asking for help desperately but my letter was ignored.

I lost about ten friends in that incident.

Not a week goes past when I won't think of one of those friends. Sadness, guilt, shame, longing, blessing, hope for them, good wishes, alternate when I think of them, far away and lost to me now. Increasingly, recognising the negative quality of these thoughts, I have focussed on blessing my lost friends with love and understanding. Now that I live a much more peaceful life I imagine a time when I will see some or all of them again, explain what happened, and express the sense of love and caring for them which I was not able to at the time.

...So when the email arrives I automatically flip through and change my password. Stuff em! I'm going to check out security options a bit more in the email box itself too.

Now, some might say it's my fault for having a fairly anonymous email box. But I would be happy to upgrade it to a professional yahoo account, if it seemed affordable. For now, however, the most logical thing I can do is backup my email list elsewhere on the net, through my sole other email account with hotmail which I don't use because hotmail just overall sucks.

I have asked a contact for a gmail account too, which would be a lovely freebie from the wonderful internet world! Even in spite of the hassles one encounters online, I still bless the net gratefully for the wonderful blessings it brings to my door everyday.


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