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Friday, May 13, 2005

Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed?

This is the results of my "Do You Have What It Takes to Succeed?" tests on


Success Test Score: 3

3 is a perfect score.
If you scored anything under 5 points you're basically OK.
Between 5 and 10 points you're moderately at risk for self-sabotaging behavior.
Between 10 and 16 points you have a problem - Get some help.

Depression Score: 48

If your total score is greater than 30 you need to seek (psychological) help!

Optimism Score: 16

The range is from 0 to 24, from extreme pessimism to extreme optimism, with virtual neutrality being the midpoint, 12. Most people who have taken the test are slightly optimistic, Carver said. For instance, among 2,000 college students, the average score was 14, with two-thirds scoring between 10 and 18.

A group of 159 patients awaiting coronary artery bypass surgery had an average score of 15, possibly suggesting that a serious challenge may boost one's optimism a bit.

"People tend to run a little toward the optimistic end of the dimension, but not by a whole lot," Carver said. "Also, people tend to the moderate in their self-descriptions. Not many are saying they are enormously optimistic or pessimistic."

Hmmm... I wonder what someone with a depression score of zero, and an optimism score of 24, would look like?

The optimist would agree with the following statements:

In uncertain times, I usually expect the best.
It's easy for me to relax.
If something can go right for me, it will.
I'm always optimistic about my future.
I enjoy my friends a lot.
It's important for me to keep busy.
I always expect things to go my way.
It's extremely difficult to get me upset.
I always count on good things happening to me.
Overall, I expect more good things to happen to me than bad.


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