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Monday, September 20, 2004

Inspiration from the past makes the future possible

We find attraction, inspiration, and virtue in what we are, no more nor less. Not in who we are now in the midst of our suffering (and everyone hurts, as the song says), nor is our idealised versions of our possible futures, but rather in the atemporal long view afforded by the indepth study of the humanity's past.

(I am just listening to Herbert Karajan wipe hot blue-blood off his outrageously vulgar recording of Mozart's Requiem. There is nothing a postwar German such as Herr Karajan cannot vulgarise and cheapen by just being very serious, because a nation denied vulgar pride is a national unable to express subtle refinement. For just these reasons the most vulgarly self-loving nations, the Japanese, Americans, and French are among our most subtle and refined.

It was not until I discovered the commonplace overuse of the vibrato in the string section is a merely modern flambouyance that the ear became able to distinguish why Beethoven at the hands of vulgar idiots like Karajan sounded so disgustingly pompous and arrogant; it is sad to see a modern German unman an ancient genius among Germans, Beethoven, of all his careful chromaticism and subtle lyricism, leaving only the violence of vibrato on the strings to overwhelm the ear with a brutal denial of German pride and glory.

It is interesting to note that if you talk this way to a German they will suspect you of being a neo-Nazi, even these days. It is like defending Israel's open, fair and free continuing public debate about Palestine to a Muslim. Muslims ape the role of the victim so convincingly because it lets them pretend that Islam is weak enough to be effected by persecution. The tedious and monotonously vulgar crap that comes from moderate muslim's mouths makes it clear that as long as they don't have to ask or answer any difficult questions about the source of power in their faith, they'll believe it. Fortunately Islam is strong and needs no defending, just reform.)

Where was I?

John C Wright, here talks about this long view in a way that makes it clear how superior it is in generating insight and welcome perspective on modern affairs. The long view of the classicist is profound indeed, more so because it offers a genuine escape from modernity that would not be afforded by, say, paleotology.

Just completed his magnificent novel, 'The Golden Transcendence'. yes, if you were wondering, I am a FAN!!!!!!!

Just started reading Robert Sawyer's Humans, about Neanderthalis and Humans meeting across parallel universes. It's great, well written as all Sawyer work it, and I expect to enjoy it.

Been writing SO much today due to the interview which this blog entry is linked to. I have written a story called "Abe Lincoln on Titan", another called "Observatory" and drafted several more.



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Of the bits I understood of this entry, i.e. the last paragraph, I must say congratulations that you're writing again. I'm glad. Wil Wheaton has a cool blog at

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