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Saturday, September 11, 2004

Moderation in everything, all the way to freedom

Top 25 suppressed news stories. Jung talks about the shadow parlour game: get someone to describe someone he really HATES, then uncover those traits in his own personality in a way he can't deny. That's how these stories arise.

Distortion equals media equals society accumstomed to denial and irresponsiblity.

With a whole lot more love and understanding, we might accidentally end up with a moderate outcome for all. And moderation is what we do as a society when we are not adequate enough to strive for genuine freedom.

William Blake: the law of the lion is not the law of the horse, signifies permission for relativism to the anarchist, a justification for monarchy to a blueblood, and a market-driven meritocratic demoncracy such as the West uses at present. And all of these systems are LEAST WORST systems, useful mainful for the destruction and evil that they manage to avoid or avert.

It is possible that a truly beneficial system of governance might arise if we were willing to surrender our older forms. But the present forms of governance grow, including within them forms of the older ones such as monarchy and tribalism, and merge slowly into the greater whole. A noocracy, mind-class, from the word noosphere: brain-world. The closest word to this idea is from the sanskrit of Krishna: brahmin, the learned class, whose sacred work in is dispelling ignorance for the other classes.

I can relate to that. If someone were to ask me what I want born intending, I would say to dispell ignorance, create a profit, and of course pursue enlightenment. To me it is self-evident: what else could I possible desire? :-)

So thus.

Tonight I browsed some more blogs, of quite a different class. Sex, sex, sex - mostly of the sordid type. But one blogger has achieved an extraordinary fusion in his blog - blogging as a kind of profane eschatology. I'm aware these are strong words but I'm seriously impressed by geekslut's dark, photogenic, multimedia-dotted blog, all written in one impressive spontaneous and unified voice. This could be published; it reminds me of the 70s Rechy novel, City of Night, 30 years on. Took me out of my sense of self for a fair while.

Today I intend to be feel Good.
Today I intend to take out the Macintosh for a walk.
Today I intend to visit the botanical gardens and type and play Deimos Rising on the Mac, and listen to iTune files and revise my major goals and one page plan for each of them, and do a one page plan for this week that fulfills my intention to feel Good.
Today I intend to clean up my house before my new flatmate gets home from his bush weekend so he doesn't have to do anything but crash and sleep.
Today I intend to ask him to give me a few days at his housesit early this week to settle in.
Above all today I intend to feel Good.


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