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Monday, September 13, 2004

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Word of the day: sensawunda. A SF term for a good book. Wonder if it would make a good title? Sensawunda: a space opera for teens. Nahhh.

Notes to self:

OTHER blogs are brief, why can't you be? Brevity is the soul of WHAT?!?... from William Shakespeare, the master of Sensawunda.

Stayed up reading another's blog. Afterward I needa shower cos it was so DERdee. Not gunna say whose blog it was; more a bog than a log.

Re the iMac: Learnt how to use the mac calendar (iCal). Now all I gotta do is actually follow the time I set for things. I got the iCd player sorta down pat. Sorta. iTunes. Next job is to get on the (i)net with the thing, which should be charming and I'll make sure I had a good nights sleep beforehand. iMac is a very "i" type of computer.

Thaz all folks. Brevity is the soul of shit.


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