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Thursday, September 16, 2004

phew it's been a funny week!

I have asked my flatmate to move out.

It is weird in here. Instead of someone doing the dishes immediately, I wait until I have a sink full again. Instead of someone doing the washing through the week... ah, fukkit, i'm a bit indifferent to that stuff sometimes, but not indifferent enough to to be effected by the different, quieter house I live in now.

It's tempting to be angry at him. Instead i'm angry at circumstances.

I do what I do cos this is what I signed up for it. I do what my heart tells me to do with love kindness and beauty. I intend to give full expression to my essence. What I do leads to happiness because I focus on what I want.

So i've been going through a refocusing period. Actually a period of denial would be a better word. What's the use of refocusing when I'm distracted, annoyed, upset, irritated. What's the sense is writing goals, doing a plan for each major goal, doing a monthly and weekly plan, when I'm in this mood?

Found an interesting and goodhearted site today.


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