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Friday, September 17, 2004

exhibitionism, deviance, flashing, and a review

The above site was featured on a tv program last night.

It is in healing, blessing, and praying for the spirits of those oppressed by negativity that a society is great, because this internal generation of compassion has intrinsic nobility and inspirational power.

This site is part of the compassionate work of society at treating deviance, beginning with acceptance of reality on its own terms. I have a great interest in all expressions of sexuality (though to be honest it's mostly intellectual) and I find the presence of self-help groups for sexually addicted people inspiring and encouraging. They are recovery-style groups, clearly, so the spiritual element is there, but also the cognitive approaches are significant here; society caters for these people.

To see society openly dealing with things that only recently were sins, in a logical rational way, is hard evidence that the those who care are working for the welfare of those who suffer. I understand the number of reverse-wired perverse people is around 1.7 percent. These people test weak to positive stimuli and strong to weak stimuli on the kinesiologic muscle test.

For instance, such a person will test strong to say Saddam Hussein, and weak to Bill Clinton, for instance. Or strong to the Nazi symbol and weak to the American flag. In spite of political positionalities, the astonishing truth is that these stimuli produce unvarying responses in people. Bill Clinton and the US flat will, except in this small percentage of the population, unfailingly inspire and uplift. Which is reassuring to me: we can trust some things in this world to uplift.

This website linked above is interesting reading. The website itself tests weak in motive - but it is only the lack of complete and entire honesty in the writer. Please note I do not say it is the lack of disclosure, but the lack of inner self-honesty about his motivations and limitations, that is the thing that restrains the site from testing strong.

The dickflash site represents an enormous leap in power, UP from the very weak forms of negativity that we call shame and guilt and desire to the enormously more powerful forms of negativity we know as pride in repute, material success, and satisfaction of the formal requirements of moral transparency... all of which is not genuine Honesty/Courage/Integrity, which is a level of pleasure joy and happiness I have had the grace to experience sometimes. Honesty is a pleasure as different in quality from social and moral transparency (which in fact is really only opacity) as desire is from satisfaction, or arousal from orgasm.


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