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Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Career in science fiction writing and publishing?

I have a few thoughts in mind about Science Fiction Writing, which I want to enumerate:

Copying success is a smart policy. This means that the people I admire working in Sci-Fi now I should imitate consciously. Robert J Sawyer's marvellous website, Charles Stross' geeky journal, and John C Wright's amazing ethical-moral stance.

Learning how to do basic web and realtime business practices is essential to a SF professional. The professional Sci-Fi writers blog has a certain structure and quality, a certain speedy way of delivering the message... it is an artform of its own. And it depends of how I define myself in a way that appears special in the eyes of the press.

Self definition is not a tricky question... it is simply a matter of appearing to be a big fish in a small pond. So I am an Australian, fr'instance, who contextualises everyday matters in the global context. That's it, the big fish is the ethical and moral issues the reality of spirituality raises, and the small pond is th everyday contexts of daily life, economics, politics, culture etc. I can position myself quite naturally around my interests.

On the side of caution, however, it is clear that setting myself up as a moral pundit is almost as uncertain as deferring all apparent judgement to spiritual sources. It is a paradox: for my career, in the 300s and 400s of Hawkinsian Levels of consciousness, I am required to hold clear opinions about things, but in my spiritual practice exists a mandate to hold no opinions on outside matters. I will seek advice on the online spiritual forums on this paradox; sure I can resolve it with help.

Ideally, to use Krishna's terminology, I would begin as a merchant class, making profit to praise God, aspire to being a editorial brahmin whose worship is in dispelling ignorance, and complete my writing career as a sannyasin, a wandering crazy man. All of which sounds a little fantastical to me, but I am happy to have hope and dream of these things right now.


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