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Saturday, February 11, 2006

On the bitchfight on page 57 my novel

So tonight is the first time I have written significantly outside the Focus Plan of my novel Gaia.

It seems remarkable to me that I could've passed 20 thousand words this Wednesday with fairly smooth sailing. But when I got to the portion where a major character makes a major decision without any real drama around it, I could not go on knowing it was not the best way.

There had to be more drama.

So I added a fight. I added bitchery. I added academic bitchery. I added MALE academic bitchery (little known fact: hell hath no fury like a bitchy male academic scorned).

It was not good enough.

I sat down to write Focus Plan for the three to five pages but i made the astonishing discovery (duh) that one cannot just manfucture drama, unless it naturally arises from character and circumstance.

However i discovered that although it is hard to manufacture drama in a story, it is early to manufacture melodrama. And who's gonna know the difference this early stage, hm?


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