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Thursday, February 09, 2006

Movie: Attack of the AIDS Zombie Clones.

Attack of the AIDS Zombie Clones.

HIV mutates into an alternative immune system in millions of sufferers, and then a new form of syphyllis makes people rot and act as if possessed. Viola, Zombification a la carte! The resultant creatures, once cloned and bred for submission, become a human subspecies called "mules", sterile servants to rich countries middle and upper classes. But the viruses continue to mutate overseas, and the submissive tranquillity of the mules may not be all that it seems.

Explanation: *Yawn* Can someone please write that novel in the window? Why? Mainly because I want to purchase the plastic merchandising figures that comes out with the movie. In a world where even nostalgia for Star Wars figurines is a viral meme we frankly do not deserve better than movies about AIDS Zombie Clones.

Mood of the day: Jaded and conspiratorial.

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