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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

All beings are owners of their own karma

There is no avoiding the fact of our responsibility for our own consciousness and actions. The Metta Sutta simply says: Kammasakka. The translation? "All beings are owners of their own karma."

By hating and condemning others, we condemn ourselves. By seeking to understand others, we grow and learn to understand ourselves.

I want to make it clear that negative propaganda is the false and toxic mimic of genuine honest reason, and true reason humbly accepts that there are things it cannot understand.

Spiritual matters are personal. Make your own choices. Follow your own heart. But do not listen to haters please. Listen to people with peace and happiness, not embittered and angry people. Because you are responsible for your own consciousness. Don't expose yourself to the bitterness of criticism without the protection of wie reason and the fullest education.

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