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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blood Test

I got my blood tested yesterday afternoon. Oh it was a learning experience.

Some lessons from blood tests I have known:

- Try to get a blood test when you are feeling in fine mettle. Try to avoid getting a blood test when you are (like I was yesterday) feeling a bit out of it, unwell, fragile, or simply coming down off addictive antidepressant medication.

- Try not to babble. It doesn't help. Nor does silence.

- Try not to mention how painful and degrading it feels when the nice young Chinese Nurse Steve misses the vein SIX FRIGGEN TIMES!!!

- Try not to tell others what to do. They don't know what to do any more than you do.

- Try not to say "thankyou" a lot as a way of getting out their office.


The upshot was that they rang the pathologist and asked if half a miligram of blood was enough for the bloods.

Waiting for a reply, Nurse Steve says "In my country they can use that small amount of blood, but I donknow here."

I refused to have any more jabs after three attempts and ended up with four precisely administered red dots on both elbows.

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