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Monday, January 30, 2006

On Cancelling My Internet Service Provider.

I have decided to cancel my internet connection at home.

This is not as big a decision as it might seem. I can still function online in the rudimentary ways - blogging, emailing, and using social networking tools and discussion boards. I can still indulge in the occasional read of a blog. But I will be doing them outside my home, amongst others. There will be no downloading of podcasts or viewing of unseeming images in the state library rows of terminals, thank you very much!

So it is bizarre but still cool. And there is a quality of advancement to it. You know, let go of external stuff in order to best develop internal qualities. In the months coming up to Christmas my spending has been erratic and so any saving of money is best spent on necessities rather than luxuries like the internet.

In fact, my entries here may become more frequent! Working in the state library has a stimulating quality which one cannot quite get at home... at least not in its present condition.


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