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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Effing Change

I thought instead of the usual lucid and optimistic articles that I would do something a little more bleak:

My kitchen and lounge and office are a mess! My work is going so slowly, if at all! I feel blue most of the time! ...And that's just this week.

It's Thursday now. I'm not enjoying the week.

You know what I want to do? Gather up my life into a gigantic INBOX and begin sorting it out into nice tidy categories. The biggest category will perhaps be the garbage, because at present I feel cluttered and obscured by thoughts that are another kind of clutter. It is frustrating. It makes me feel blue. It is time for a effing change I think!

I have even been haunted by cluttered dreams. Last night I wandered a fairy mansion with many many rooms - the dream was like the movie "Spirited Away". I asked to go to the toilet and the madame led me out into the wilderness miles and miles with a skipping shadow of a child. We went round a bend and came upon a simple village nestled in the hillside, calm and still in the early dawn. I woke.

I have been in somewhat less than perfect health this week. It is as if my body has decided it is time for a healthier diet and demanded it by expelling toxins from skin, nose and ears. My ear is still completely blocked a week later. My skin feels like rubber. And I have messy and embarassing fits of sneezing several times a day.

The main condition is the increased exercise, of course. My muscles tell me not that I have done good work (although I have) the previous day. Rather - by their stiffness and soreness when I wake - my muscles tell me that they need more water to cleanse themselves faster.

I intend to get some cardboard boxes as inboxes today.


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