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Thursday, October 20, 2005

The McDonalds house clean method

Today I considered the domestic situation and came to the conclusion that without adjusting my actions somehow it would never be clean. More to the point, without new habits I would never be the kind of person who is clean and tidy, which would be a greater loss.

So I considered what is in the way, and immediately the sense of weariness I have felt for the last few weeks was clearly the culprit. Duh, I realized, it's all about pacing. Making sure the flow of energy doesn't flag completely between breaks. Making sure those breaks are rest and recreation - not just IM and nintendo.

So it's complex and very simple at once. I ask myself: What would be the ideal refreshment for myself between working on my house?

Immediately the yellow and red decor of McDonalds, and the smell of hashbrowns, and the sound of pleasant yesteryear pop arises in my mind... ahhh I can have breakfast of fastfood. And for that day at least it will be breakfast of Champions!

Because I can eat a tasty breakfast means I can get into the meat of cleaning in the latter morning with fresh eyes. So that's the plan for this Wednesday - a day of cleaning the pigsty of Babylon I live in. And a case for creating a delicate new thread of a habit, the habit of tidiness which I have aspired to for months.


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