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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Comprehensive Overview Part One

BOOKS I am reading at the moment:

Heisenberg, The Uncertainty Principle.
Hawkins, Truth Versus Falsehood.
Diamond, Collapse.
Tracy, Million Dollar Habits.

COMPUTER AND INTERNET interests at the moment:

How to get StubleUpon to actually work.
How to get Firefox to import my comprehensive Safari bookmarks and favorites.
How to blog the best I possibly can.

ENTERTAINMENT I am watching at the moment:

Numb3rs, the math education in a tv show.
Simpsons, as usual.
Everybody Loves Raymond (the classic episode where Ray records over his wedding).
Spirited Away (who would've imagined that the spirit world is common to almost every culture?)
Australian Princess (I am SO ashamed of THAT one!)

BLOGGING interests at the moment:

Life sciences as usual.
Contemplative practice as usual.
I am inspired by the Thomas Leonard quote: "Facts and informaiton are valuable but rarely profound. What IS profound? People, emotion and concepts." What a great concept to guide my giving the best possible contribution to readers!
I just joined technorati yesterday.


I am screwing up my courage and committment to attempt Bill Phillip's Body For Life challenge a second time. The first time I almost finished the first week before quitting. This second time - while I would love to finish all 14 weeks of this transformative program of course - the aim is to be doubly dedicated with tracking progress and planning meals and exercise meticulously. If I want to master fitness I need to do what masters of it such as Mr Phillips actually do.
I have committed to working every day in my friend Bob's garden. It is hard work and I slack off a LOT, but that's life.

HOBBIES I am drooling over getting into:

The nerd game Set, as profiled recently on
Monopoly, backgammon and risk games with Bob (which he so far has defeated me in!)
Surfing, as usual. My fantasy hobby.


Much discussion about the Iraqi constitution centers around the PROBLEMS of the situation (as opposed to the opportunities). As President Bush pointed out, seldom has any country made so much political progress in such a short period of time. And my view is that the constitution is the responsibility of the people of Iraq and NOT of anyone else. If a civil war needs to be fought to sustain the process of coming to freedom in the new Iraq, so be it. Time will tell there.


The next trip I have planned is a day on the beach with Johnny at Grange. I am contemplating teaching him Cornish wrestling if he is willing. Or even if he is unwilling.

WORK... freaken freaking me out. I feel scared, blue, and honestly just plain old run down. And you know what? I've also never felt more excited, fulfilled, and hopeful IN MY LIFE! And while I seem to acheive so little, inwardly I am changing and growing a lot. So these will pass.


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