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Sunday, October 16, 2005

Before work in the morning

It's nine O'Clock in the morning. With a full day ahead of me, I pause to plan and consider.

On the weekend I summarized Brian Tracy's book "Million Dollar Habits." It is quite a simple message presented superbly well.

The essence of the book is the life-sustaining relationship between two key habits: self-discipline and self-esteem. The habit of liking oneself, he reveals, strengthens one against failure, fear and rejection. And the habit of carefully planning one's habits in advance gives a greater sense of liking onself and control.

These two habits are tied together in symbiosis. If you like yourself, you will be disciplined. If you are disciplined, you like yourself. He breaks both concepts down into smaller concepts, of course. The first two chapters are the anatomy of self-esteem, and the rest of the book is the anatomy of self-discipline in the context of success, wealth, relationships, sales, marketing, and health.

Also on the weekend I rearranged my house somewhat, creating more space and light and openness in the place. It certainly feels a little different, and more is to come. I have a great day of editing, writing, gym, yoga, cleaning, and planning ahead of me.


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