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Friday, October 14, 2005

Normal versus morally relative

I'm having an online exploration about normalcy versus moral relativism. Here's a norm bite:

"A person who tempts innocents is as dangerous to society as an outright criminal with a gun to one's head. Perhaps even more so, because such tempters are allowed into everyday circles under the cover of moral relativism, expediency, or the simple desire to fit in with our norms of multiculturalism.

The presence of such people is not specifically a social issue. The important thing to know however is that "norms" are not "social" to most spiritually aligned people, but the substance of the heart, which sustains love and caring in everyday matters. Norms are very much spiritual matters. They are not overly part of the social agenda, however, which is still struggling with issues of integrity (versus fear) and optimism (versus materialism and arrogant presumption)."


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