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Saturday, May 21, 2005

What's Happening In The World Is Under 100 Words

What's Happening In The World In Less Than One Hundred Words.
*Deep breath*

Currency economics dominates world markets.

Only those with strong savings and high credit ratings survive the purturbances, brought on by the currency shenanigans presently unfolding between China and the US. (Briefly, China is lending cheap money to the US to fund a real estate bubble there.)

So the only two nations on the planet with stable growth AND savings are the Uk with 400 years of yearly growth at a sustainable average of 1 percent, and Japan, whose consumer savings have slowed their economy sustainably.

We have completely misunderstood Japan. They are quietly building the future of capitalism based around voluntary consumer savings and decreased liquidity of assets. Stability is the vogue there. This is the future of capitalism.


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