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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Calibrating the level of consciousness of bloggery

I'm K-testing the top 100 Blogs. Most as expected test weak.

The following test strong:

Wizbang - 500 LoC!!!

Boing Boing - 450 LoC!

Will Wheaton dot net - 310 LoC.
Doc Searl's - 401 LoC.
Engadget - 310 LoC.
Volokh Conspiracy - 210 LoC.
A List Apart - 310 LoC.
Arts and Letter's Daily - 403 LoC.
Google Blog - 210 LoC.
Harvard Weblog's - 400 LoC
Jeffrey Zeldman's blog - 210 LoC.

I think that's enough of blogs by far!

But what trawl of bloggery would be complete without the current fad:

"I can't believe it's not yahoo/google!!" LOL


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