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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Enter... the goldilocks zone!

From the Washington Times:

"We were particularly interested in the possible survival of 'Earths' in the habitable zone," Jones said. "This is often called the 'Goldilocks Zone,' where the temperature of an Earth is just right for water to be liquid at its surface. If liquid water can exist, so could life as we know it."

Jones and his colleagues Nick Sleep and David Underwood created mathematical simulations of several known exoplanetary systems, including their central star and gas-giant planets. Then they inserted an Earth-sized planet into each system at various distances from the star and from the giant planets to see what would happen."

Furthermore, the article went on to say:

"Just in the local neighborhood, there may be as many as 85 potential destinations for the Starship Enterprise -- should we "live long and prosper" or enjoy "kapla.""


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