Gaia is the word for "unity-of-life-processes". The experiment here is to unify the various threads of voice and sense of self together into an undivided unity. Spirituality, economics, politics, science and ordinary life interleaved.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

Skill me up, baby!

This is a to-do list for my blog:

Learn how to blog photos.
Learn how to register hits.
Learn how to track keywords.
Learn how to aggregate entries.

Put my photo on yahoo.
Put my photo on my blog.
Create a block for my signature.
Create a keyword-alert, search-engine-attractive blog face.

Eliminate negative, depressing, vague entries.
Create postive, uplifting, specific entries from what's there.
Explore adding audio and flash to the blog.
Explore integrating my web contributions together through a webpage.


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