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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

How to create with peace: or, slow and steady wins the race

Feeling a tiny bit overwhelmed at the moment.

I want to be able to create with peace and a decent living and healthy lifestyle.

Three projects emerge from my mind as maximally important:

The first is The Biotech Age.
The second is The History of Excellence.
And the third, a nascent project really still in it's inception, is Accounting, Economics and Marketing for Employees, Contractors, and Small Business. The concept here is to teach the intuitional qualities of these subjects without the analytical skill sets. Now you might say these three disciplines are only their skill sets, but that's false. There are definite accounting intuitions, Economic ways of seeing, and marketing personalities.

Not only that, but the connection between these fields and their antecedents is never explored. Thus:

Accounting is about supporting, being life-ward, anabolic, and useful. It's all about blocking drains on growth and supporting growth factors in life. So accounting is ultimately the most practical form of spirituality!

Economics is about knowing your place in the world, not as some bleak class struggle but as an expression of graciousness, acceptance, contribution and passion. We self-select our economic position within our perceptions of the available choices. Knowing economics is a natural trigger for growth because we perceive new choices, automatically initiating change within our economic position. Perception and economics are tied up together.

Marketing is about ethics, pure and simple. If you do not know what you stand for, then you will fall for bad marketing. But if you know what you stand for, then the highest principle you are able to acknowledge is the source of your brandname and marketing focus. Marketing is substantially about reminding you and those who support you what you stand for, first and foremost. The effect on networks and the wider-world marketplace is secondary.

Hence profit comes from character, not from caricatures of people as work-robots in factory farms. Profit grows as a consequence of who you are, not from some vile effort to force nature to yield cash.

So the basic idea is there, and yet I find myself a little overwhelmed, frankly.

It's like: "You want me to assimilate 23 examples of historical excellence into lively stories, AND write a bestselling novel, AND write a book about three business disciplines!!! AARrrghg!"

So it's an invitation to consider how I can create with peace.

I prayed about it and the sense I got was of the turtle: slow and steady wins the race.

I intend to write

1000 words of The Biotech Age every day,
300 of Excellence, and
100 of the Accounting-Economics-Marketing project, which I will henceforth call the AEM Project.

Here's hoping that I meet my AEMs. ;-)


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