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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Musing about the Gaia project in bed

Reflecting on the Gaia project in bed, a few threads found their way into my peregrinations:

First, wondering around moving on, into new material or backwards into old, reflecting on an old project, Savage Things, which had occupied several years of my time and been a cathartic personal journey, after the first draft of which I had (lost interest?) fallen away from energetically.

Second, wondering around the status of the book, regarding the level of vision involved, and the outcomes being sought. The present level of purpose being around intellectual debate and presenting complex new ideas, and around the present level of vision:

- Lynn's journey to China to meet the 16th Dalai Lama, setting off the sequence of events whereby the Chinese Dalai Lama travels to repudiate his upstart Tibetan imitator and is savagely killed by the renegade Tibetan aristocracy. His lovemaking with Gurnanji passes his spirit directly into her. The Ocean of Wisdom as the Gaiasphere. She gives birth to the 17th Dalai Lama.

This is what I have ahead in writing. The chapters with the American Revolution, the scenes where Lynn confronts her father with Valery, Allan's discussions with his wife and son leading to A, revelations of his wife's treachery and B, Valery's decision to seem to go against both his parents and join his grandfather in researching the Gaiasphere indirectly. All of which has to successively lead to the Three Day War, later known as the first Biotech War, between the two corporate bodies of Cutter and Allan. It is useful also to keep in mind that these shenanigans lead directly to Valery swapping sides again for the Chinese and Allan emigrating to Kangaroo Island.

Third, thoughts about Valery's foreshadowing sequence. Clearly this cruxifiction scene needed careful setting up though his experience and eyes. A five year old's awareness... hmmm. Witnessing a cruxifiction. HM. So the nature of the Dreaming needs to be elucidated for the readers much earlier, back in the road trip chapters with Valery and the journalist, with witnesses sharing awareness with Valery as he experiences oceanic impressions of the Gaiasphere. Yes that sounds right.

Fourth and finally, thoughts about the creative process itself:

The level of creation has in a sense become mired in the story as it unfolds. My sense is that there is an enormity of work to be done on the present writing, much less the latter bits. I guess I am wondering how I could shift the entire trajectory of the story closer to the optimal vision WHILE writing, so that I get the sense of being on track instead of the present sense of writing in the dark what I'll probably have to change. And behind it all is the concern of losing interest in such a monumental project too. The sense of scale and appropriate vision is there - this is an earthshaking blockbuster of a novel, that's clear.

To restate briefly: I fear the novel will unfold then I'll lose interest in the unfolded vision, forgetting the original vision that motivated me to write it. And I fear having to optimize a novel which is complex.

So I wonder how I can simplify the writing process so that it easily creates the optimal first draft?
And I wonder how I can regularly restore the sense of reverence, wonder, and peace in the vision?
And I wonder how I can regenerate this vision to an ever-more vibrant form?

I think these are subjects for the next three blog entries!


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