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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Grow Up and Play, a book review

This is an unusual book for adults. It is done in the format of a children's book, with colorful pictures and quality paper.

But do not be deceived. This book has a number of disconcerting features.

The book is about play ostensibly. It starts by observing a number of games humans play. These are: work, sex, cities, relationships, study, spirituality, and death! These are not things that are usually known as games, but the book quite seriously treats each of them that way, at the same time showing how to enjoy these 'games' more.

The book has a number of instructions. The instructions are listed thus:

How to Use Your Body (Work)
How to Use Your Senses (Sex)
How to Use Your Mind (Cities)
How to Use Your Society (Relationships)

How to Use Pleasure (Study)
How to Use Understanding and Lovingness (Spirituality)
How to Use Awareness (Death)

Each instruction is accompanied by colorful pictures to guide you through the games and a number of activities. All in all it is a very strange book indeed. I am not sure whether to recommend it or not. However, the second instructions on How to Use Your Senses are funny enough to make the book worthwhile on it's own.

This book makes the bald statement that adults play which kids think that a game is real and get upset when it doesn't go their way. It teaches the interesting an useful lesson that life is nothing personal, so there's no need to take things personally. An interesting read, with engaging illustrations and exercises, especially the sexual exercises.


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