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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Research findings for the day

Today I found two fascinating books. One was a summary of the relations between Tolstoy and Gandhi at 'Cosmic Pages' Bookshop. Another was a book called 'The Diamond Cutter' which taught the Buddhist doctrine of emptiness in the most astonishingly clear manner for me, contextualising it in the form of business, and simultaneously adding a new range of awareness to my notion of the nature of "problems" (see the last entry)...

Both of these books really add fuel to the theses of my nonfiction book, so I'm EXCITED. The first contributes enormously to the chapter on the story of nonviolence, and the second helps me comprehend the sophisticated and at times unfathomable response of Buddhists who embody the doctrine of emptiness to history.

So anyway, the latter book had a fascinating approach to problems.

What if everyone around you who engaged you were you Fairy Godmother? Aside from looking pretty funny in a pink bonneted dress and wand with a star on the end... imagine that everyone around you was trying to direct you in the best path for you to grow through. But then imagine that they need to conclusively close off the path that you are presently on in order to draw you into the one you're supposed to take.

So with that in mind, what do the people in your life who represent problems direct you towards being and doing?

So that is the reasonable, rational and logical approach to problems as opportunities to learn and grow.


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