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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Chapter One of History of Excellence, first draft, finished!

It's more like a simulation than a first draft. I wrote over 300 words per day for the last 30 days, but it comes to sixteen thousand words altogether, of 23 chapters.

It is VERY rough, VERY uneven. Much of it I have been learning which way I'm going, and questions of tone still haven't been settled until the material is printed out and I have a chance to just read, reread, describe, and begin to shape it in my mind.

But it's DOWN, isn't it!??

I feel quite startled at the fact that I'm getting there.

Anyway, today I sought to upload this to the Yahoo Briefcase, a feat beyond my un-geeky skills pretty much. I suceeded but it took and hour. I tried to upload my resumes and failed so that's that for another day.

Marc is visiting from Kangaroo Island, which is great news. I 'm looking forwards to seeing him.

So today I mentioned this book project to another person online, edging towards getting readers for the topic. It's all good so far but haven't asked straight out because I want to actually have a READABLE first draft. What I have now is a hodgepodge, even charitably speaking.

But it's first draft. YAY for me!


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