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Thursday, March 03, 2005

My Competitive Advantage as SF Writer

My competitive advantage as a SF writer is that I and some of my work tests strong on the Hawkins scale.

The simple but unnoticed fact of the matter is that the need to make SF stories actually moral and useful to the world is overlooked. The inspirational worth of SF is about all it can claim as intrinsic usefulness as a genre.

So much of the SF genre tests weak that I have an advantage if my work is:

A, craftsmanlike quality of storytelling, and
B, testing strong on the Hawkins scale.

SF stories DO test strong. Bruce Sterling's 'In Paradise' tests really very strong, 350, the level of hope, self-help inspiration, business, and self-help groups.

It is notable that in studying business David Hawkins also studies 12 step groups in the same chapter of Power Versus Force. And in talking about how different people react to crisis, he mentions how people in the 350s go for support groups to grow personally, whereas folk in the 400s seek University, and the high 400s seek Science, and the 500s seek service and (higher 500s) spiritual healing.

But he goes on to say that in the 600s one becomes "great" by alignment with spiritual principles, while the living demonstration of that through one's conduct calibrates at 700, which he characterises as "legendary". 700 is the level of Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Nisargadatta Maharaj, and Ramana Maharishi, originators of the great patterns of peace, service, insight and self-knowledge respectively from the twentieth century.

I recently calibrated myself at just over 310. This kind of reflexive self-calibration is dubious work, but I find it ironic that I am willing and earnest in doing what I can do, even though in everyday life I had significant and humbling struggles to do things like GET UP, lol. So the calibration of 310 might be altogether higher than reality. Or not.

I'm not fussed either way so long as me and my published work tests strong.


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