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Monday, March 07, 2005

Spiritual way to solve all problems: article published on a public website.

The spiritual way to solve problems requires courage or honesty. Functionally speaking, courage is the same thing as honesty and vice versa.


The person who has mostly problems is also generally problematic. The reality is that a person identifies problems when they themselves are at the level of consciousness where problems are perceived. So they become stuck at that level.

Therefore the quickest way to solve problems is to recontextualise them into a higher energy field. The main recontextualisations of "problem" are as follows:

1. Challenge.
2. Opportunty.
3. Stimulus or spur to learning.
4. Gift.
5. Blessing.
6. Expression of divine perfection, unfolding in the moment.
7. "Problems are non-existent."

This is not simply semantics, but a question of who you are and how you experience life.

What people tend to perceive as out-there problems include economic and financial problems do not yield to analysis or normal methods of insight. The spiritual principles are those which allow the consequences to unfold with least harm to all parties. These are patience and freedom.

Patience, the natural consequence of being at peace, is an expression of consistently taking opportunities to grow. Patience is not, as Leo Tolstoy said, a heavy fur coat you put on more of when times have become colder. Patience takes no effort for people like Warren Buffet who say: "The market is a mechanism for allocating funds from the less patient to the more patient." The attitude of patience is thoughtful, civil and reflective, and far more likely to both accept downturns and recognise opportunities for what they are even in the midst of the worst "circumstances".

Freedom is not libertinage, nor is it license; rather it is inner liberation and external liberality, in the sense of having an generous and Falstaffian spirit.

Freedom as first articulated by the sage Abraham is the recognition that the higher power is an unfailing and abundant source of prosperity for everyone. In practice it looks like generosity and selflessness and that is merely the recognition through action of the inner liberation the person experiences.

There is no "out-there" or "in-here" to speak of except that we perceive it. So giving joyfully and recognising the Divine source of that giving tends to erase the person who is having the problem, because they are simply not present in the spirit of Freedom. The divine is, however.

The practice of patience and freedom resolve all external problems, and can be practiced at any time and place, and are universal and free for anyone to use. They function because they transcend the ego and greatly broaden the available power to the person who practices them in all their affairs without inconsistency.


"In-here" problems stem largely from resistance, and by and large their resolution is in the principle of surrender. Here is Doctor David Hawkins, speaking last week on the subject in passing:

"The way out is to picture the worst possible scenario and surrender to that. You perpetuate what you resist. Sometimes it’s karmic blockages that need to be resolved, and when you do, it disappears."

[Questioner: Is there a way to speed it up?]

"Stop trying to speed it up. Your problem is, you’re not worrying hard enough. I want you to really worry harder. You disappear that which you choose, and you maintain that which you resist."

This then is the radical solution to inner problem. What we resist gains command of our lives. What we accept the worst of begins to vanish. Guilt and fear and worry and hate cannot possibly have any hold over our lives, except that which we give it by resistance.

We are free by nature. The problems we suffer are experienced as a consequence of our karma and present moment spiritual intention. They are not fixed or permanent in any way.

By writing down our problems and our flaws, and by accepting the fullest possible responsibility for them without guilt or fear, one exercises courage and self-honesty in the moment. This tends to trigger a cascade of new information into one's life, that allows problems to resolve as you grow and learn.

So the overall solution to problems is to take responsibility for them. The only way we can do this with peace is to acknowledge the higher power, that resolves all problems in the peace and freedom of our own true nature.


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