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Friday, March 04, 2005

Last night and thoughts about a mad guy on the bus

Last night I went into town WOMAD world music festival was on.

The cat is perched on the telephone stool, looking querelous and sedate. We have just woken up.

Insight from yesterday (on too much coffee) into the three hundreds: these are the people that seek support in being independent! The reality is that all the people I have met in the high 300s on the Hawkins scale are part of their support groups to an amazing extent. Whereas people in the 200s struggle to handle challenges on their own, folk in the 300s have transcended that and strive with others to attain common goals that also benefit society.

So, which comes first, the chicken or the egg, the independent person or the support organisation?

For instance, if spiritual healers calibrate in the 500s, why don't we all become spiritual healers and be done with it? The answer is that these roles are open to us at all times, even in our present situations. We have the roles of evil open for us should be choose it, but lack the context in which evil would a meaningful behaviour to adapt: likewise, the roles of virtue and happiness are open to us at all times and rendered meaningful by our constant choice to familiarise ourselves with them

Last night on the bus an extremely upset man was ranting and raving at his unfaithful girlfriend. I sat there peacefully reading Ramana Maharishi and slipping in and out of the silence. He came and sat two seats away, half a bus away from his gf, and continued yelling and cursing.

Naturally this disturbed me. I examined the disturbance then the source of it, and saw immediately the difficulty:

I held myself to be better than this man because I had dealt with anger issues already and was simply untroubled by them. So there was an immediate charge of egotism and superiority that released and opened me out to examine the root of my disturbance.

The disturbance was basically a seed of anger in the process of being stimulated by the blossoming anger of the man. Okay then:

But then I looked a little closer. I saw that was motivated by fully blossoming seeds of desire, he by anger... the difference was only in the poisin of the mind. Different consequences but the same net result of a lack of peace that the man was suffering from. And this insight stayed with me while I examined the foundations of desire.

Clearly the source of the difficulty lay in the identification of the self with the contents of consciousness. For instance, my body is 31 years old and experiences desire. The mind has traces of memories of desire which aligns it to behavioural grooves. Long familiarity with desire for its own sake without the attendant respect and care also left attitudinal traces.

And as I examined this, I asked myself: do I see the self or just the enaction of the desire role?

Of course I see only the latter. And the identification with that role is simply not the I. And yet the I vanishes when I am playing that role... hm... interesting.

"Karma is not a reward or punishment for our actions. It is what we are."

This statement is revealing. Karma is what we are. Karma is what I am right here and now. By recognising karma one can cleverly use one's life to karmic advantage.

Here is a quote from Triz in London on a discussion group about spirituality:

"Dr. Hawkins goes on the mention that the 'clever' ones amongst us (and he says this laughingly) will use our lives to a karmic advantage. He says that karma is not a reward or a punishment for our actions, rather it is what we are. We are our karma. So in this situation with the employee? You could just leave it to the energy field of your organisation to handle. But what about your karma (and your karmic advantage)? Your karma stems from your motivation within this context.

When we read Buddhist or Christian quotes to act lovingly to one another including yourself; these are not rules for which we will be punished if they are broken. This is karmic advice (to the clever ones amongst us). This is the most interesting point for me personally: that what I construe as loving to me at my LOC will be completely different to you at your LOC (assuming we have differing LOC's). So it matters not (karmically) if you think my actions are loving or not - as long as they come from my perspective of lovingness.

My advice is to consider your karmic 'advantage'. Therefore, act from lovingness from your unique perspective in the universe - not from mine, this groups, nor anyone elses opinion. And when you act lovingly the entire universe will respond to that love. What can you perceive you can do for your highest good and the highest good of the employee in situation? Once you have made this decision (to act from your own perspective of lovingness), the outcome and content of the situation will be set by the meeting of the energy fields and is not really in your control. Once you have made the decision to act from your perspective of love, Karmically speaking, you are in a different place."


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