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Friday, March 04, 2005

A Miracle: the conclusion to the mad guy on the bus

As I listened to the mad guy on the bus shouting and raving, I found in my heart sympathy for the guy. He and I suffered alike, he of anger and I of desire. And I silently prayed for surrender but none came.

So I prayed instead for a sense of lovingness, and instantly the Presence was there, everywhere, and in everything. The silence deepened and opened out. The man fell silent as I became aware of the Presence around him and his wounded heart began to cool.

Time stopped.

He asked me, "'Scuse me, have you got a smoke?"

I met his eyes (which were lovely) and smiled and said "Sorry buddy, but I don't smoke."

Then he asked, "Have you got the time on you there?"

"I left my mobile at home, sorry," I said, and asked the guy in front of me the time, but he was stiff and didn't answer.

So I turned back to him and replied: "It must be about ten-thirty."

He nodded. "Ten-thirty," he said quietly.

A few minutes later he quietly went back to his girlfriend and sat with her. The sensation of lovingness gradually subsided as he returned to her, and became a soft, embodied sensation of bliss for me.

"A miracle is always a change of perception." ACIM.


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