Gaia is the word for "unity-of-life-processes". The experiment here is to unify the various threads of voice and sense of self together into an undivided unity. Spirituality, economics, politics, science and ordinary life interleaved.

Friday, February 04, 2005

I am just a lonely blogger in the South Australia culture-desert

I lie in bed with a lover in my arms.

I am listening to Hildeberg von Bingen's miraculously beautiful "Voice of the Blood".

I read, aloud, to my mind, to alert it to the possibilities, that:

"Mutation does not happen by accident, it happens to those who put themselves in the position and place where maximum possibilities for change can occur, after that it's just a matter of Bonne Chance."

What mutation is possible in South Australia? NONE. But here is instead the kind of recapitulation of the past, through the English-stable domesticity of the Place, which I am experiencing with my dual-book project.

For I am writing two books at once. The nonfiction "History of Excellence" and the fictional affirmation of the Gaia concept, now titled "The Biotech Age." I am making gradual progress in the work, seminal as I have faith it may be.

But a time will come when it is up and onwards. And where will I go then?

It depends, is the simple answer. Can I master survival here? Can I play that role to perfection, and then transcend it? I heartily wish so, for otherwise a trip to Shanghai would be a living hell on earth, and a long migratory entrapment in Perth would be a sleep away from the sense of history's violent forward passage...

Short Sonet 2 The Veild Lady of Truth:
I must not sleep,
I must not wake,
I must not pretend,
I must not be present.

I must not pray for mercy;
I must not be saved.
I must not become enlightened,
I must not stay and help others be enlightened.

I must not vanish nor appear.
I must not acknowledge,
Nor resign, nor reckon,
Guage, measure, or ration out, myself.

I must not intuit, above all,
I must not intuit the truth.


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