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Monday, December 27, 2004

The 7 Habits of Amazingly Cool Characters

Amazingly cool characters:

1. Enter (entrée) in an Amazingly Cool Way. Camp is best, but sexy, outrageous, or dramatic is good, and funny or silly is less so. Those first few seconds matter!

Camp is more important than anything else in an amazingly cool character. It is the source of all their distractingly larger-than-life qualities that what we love most about them would totally unendurable in real life, and camp is all of these. Example: Austin Powers.

2. They do Amazingly Cool Things. A three to nine year old must be able to exclaim with astonishment if they saw them do it in reality. Example: Spice Girls.

3. They ignore limitations. Their attention is firmly fixed, thankyou very much, on fulfilling the requirements of their Role. They are therefore Amazingly Cool about their Role.

The above 3 combined are the Private Victory. The following 3 are the Public Victory, describing how the Amazingly Cool Character must work with others.

4. They practice overhearing themselves. They are about to do something because of their thoughts, overhear themselves thinking, and change what they do because of what they hear. Example: and great Shakespearean character.

5. Their purpose in being is at odds with their creator's purpose in creating them. In short, they are just life real people in this sense alone.

6. They make us want to be a better person. Example: As Good As It Gets.

Finally, the thing that keeps us coming back to Amazingly Cool Characters, and what in the end makes them so rare, and which only Sir Falstaff perhaps, James Bond, and Austin Powers posess, is this:

7. They tire us out without ever quite exhausting us.

Thankyou very much!


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