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Friday, February 04, 2005

The Future of Australia Belongs To China.

The Future of Australia Belongs To China. But there is a price to pay for yielding up this continent to the Middle Kingdom. In turn, China then falls due to the West.

The incentive for Australians to take the radical step and become Chinese, is what will allow China to become the greatest and freest Western nation on Earth. It is normal to distrust the West in China.

But if an entire continent becomes Chinese suddenly, if there is a place for all their mistrust and unease and controlling instinct to flow into, a place large enough that it can contain another three billion Chinese in orderly, strict, water-rationed desert cities - if Australia can be open to the wisdom that there is nowhere else to go for Australia historically speaking except to absorb the orderly and disciplined peoples of the far East into itself and be transformed by them, then China itself will become Western finally.

There is no other way historically out of the geographic clincher. The pioneering Western spirit that went into building the Australian federal infrastructure exists only to give way to the collective and stable Chinese spirit. The only Republic Australia will manifest is the Chinese People's.

In turn, however, in the place of those who come here from China, what will remain? Only the wildest, the most adventurous, the most fervent-spirited men and women of China will remain in China, and they in turn will welcome investment from the West and wild innovation from Western scientific elements.

This is the geographic destiny of Australia and China, I perceive.


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