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Monday, December 20, 2004

On Kangaroo Island:

Yesterday on Kangaroo Island I bought a journal. This spells a bit of a slowing down of my net usage. I have been offered a job here yesterday.

In the rush of excitement at having a new job, I hastily wrote down a whole list of dreams and visions of what I would like to be doing and living. This involves in the present month studying my workplace trainer, and export and import, courses in order to stir up effective business overseas, whilst continuing my chinese language studies in order to speak to my new friends in China!

And the writing? Well, in the thick and thin of it, I have succumbed to the notion that one must build credentials in order to successfully publish a book project. I have had two ideas for tourism-based articles on Kangaroo Island which I would seek to sell to an East Coast Capital Daily. The first is to review a friend's bed and breakfast, and the second is to showcase my potential workplace, the Hog Bay Cafe.

I almost wished I were home feeling grumpy, panicky and anxious. But the presence of so many positive people has brought out the good in me. I hope I can do this new job! More to come...


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