Gaia is the word for "unity-of-life-processes". The experiment here is to unify the various threads of voice and sense of self together into an undivided unity. Spirituality, economics, politics, science and ordinary life interleaved.

Monday, December 27, 2004


Drowsy day. Three days before new year 2005.

My cat is annoying me.

I shut her in the rest of the house when she meows, but she keeps on going. Right now she's on my lap. I have had a small pink prescribed pill so I am languidly struggling to lift my fingers.

Today I wrote some of my novel, some of an epic fantasy story, and some of my meritocracy book-plan. It was weird to do so but I liked what I wrote anyway. I also did a LOT of online reading. I feel like I've not accomplished much, which is silly I know.

I also cooked a superb lentil-curry topping for baked potatoes. Yummy.


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