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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Kurzweil, Gardner and Vinge discuss the Singularity:

RayKurzweil: We can imagine some bacteria discussing the pros and cons of evolving into more advanced species like humans. There might be some strong arguments against doing so.

RayKurzweil: If bacteria could talk, of course.

Gardner: From the bacteria's point of view, they might be right.

vv: When dealing with "superhumans" it is not the same thing as comparing -- say -- our tech civ with a pretech human civ. The analogies should be with the animal kingdom and even more perhaps with things even further away and more primitive.

RayKurzweil: Bacteria are still doing pretty well, and comprise a larger portion of the biomass than humans. Ants are doing very well also. I agree with your last comment, Vernor.

vv: Yes, there could well be a place for the normal humans -- certainly as a safety reservoir in case of tech disasters.


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