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Sunday, March 05, 2006

I *heart* apple

My computer is amazing.

It is amazing not just in terms of where it came from – it’s lineage if you like; nor simply because of where it is going. It is amazing just as it is.

I have a Mac iBook G4. The screen is 14 inches. The memory alone would have made my childhood self gawp. It is a marvellous creating machine. And I love it, I really love it. Truly madly deeply.

That is not to imply that, in the context of science fiction, there is no attraction in creating full body sensoria on wireless mobile computing. Not at all. Nor does the love imply that, in the context of computing history, there is no simple aversion to loading my brother’s machine-coded word processor via cassette on the Commodore 64 to write novels on.

But this love is something new.

You see, when this computer arrived, it was a kind of a shock. What could it do? How long would it take to master? How easy would it be to work? I now have the answers to those questions. It is a creating machine. It took until today to master. And it about as easy as it needs to be.

When it breaks, there’ll be grief, attachment, and worry about fixing or replacing it. But any resistance to owning the new “thing” where the words go seems to have dissipated. I am grateful and glad to have it now, on its own terms, in its own time, however long or short that may be.


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