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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lunch O Clock on a resting day

My first coffee left me clearheadedly inert thismorning, like a beaker of inviible vapor which has been unstopped and mingled with the surrounding air.

I woke from a dream - a nightmare - where I let loose with insensate rage at a close real life figure whom I shall not mention. These kinds of dreams stopped for many years and I was unimpressed by their recurrence. Something needing to work itself out, no doubt. But the expression of rage just before I awoke left me shaken and adrenalized and a little fuzzy, as usual.

Every day I follow the same routine. Walk into the toilet to pee then make coffee. Sit outside and drink it and see if a caffeine-induced semblance of wakefulness emerges from the buzz. Sometimes clarity comes and sometimes not. This time however, flies settled on me as thick as Canaanites. I went into the bedroom and lay on the bed with the laptop. Four hours passed...

For lunch - or the sudden onset of ravenous hunger at two O clock in the afternoon, I lavishly cooked a stew of chickpeas and buckwheat and multiple vegies and herbs. Then, growing frustrated with the time it took to cook, I fixed three cakes of noodles, one after the one, to various recipes and ate them. Now the stew sits cooling for the fridge. I used the castoff water to soak brown rice which will be the complementary dish in the evening.

I had two helpings satay noodles and brighly spiced tumeric and ginger noodles with sliced tomato and cheese. The dog and the flies hungrily watched me eat.


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