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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Pet afterlife and book talk

Today Joe at wrote movingly about his cat Denis' death, and I found myself wondering again if there are cats and dogs in the afterlife.

I suppose that cat and dogs when they die return to the platonic, archetypal realm of "catness" and "dogness". Realms that presumably chase one another around and around, lol. As to human relations with our domesticates in the afterlife, who knows how we relate to their archetypes?

Someone asked me today what kind of books I love, and here is the pithy answer: I love books that read fast, treat readers intelligently, and use lots of visuals and emotion.

Tonight I'm googling and wikipeding "Michael Crichton" before reading his latest book State of Fear.

Last night I finished Orson Scott Card's extraordinary "Shadow of the Giant". This astonishing book shows the moral recusitation of a megalomaniac leader, among other remarkable events. It really is amazing to read a writer at the absolute height of his powers writing his best ideas and stories in his most pre-eminent series, the Ender books.


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