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Monday, July 04, 2005

Review of Ketan Patel's book, The Master Strategist.

I read Ketan Patel's book, "The Master Strategist", last night and discovered it exceeds my expectations.

I had expected a masterful overview of strategic futures, not a wholesale redefinition of the matter in the light of compassion. His book I feel will have enormous power and influence. It is very important. A few take away memes of Ketan Patel's book:

- Fear and Greed provide the context for strategies, because they provide the context for human life.
- Power is only limited by purpose and principle; purpose is only limited by principle, and principle provides an unlimited source of power.
- Out of the five, there are three force-based strategies and two power-based. The power based strategies are called Aspiration and Inclusion.

A sophisticated analysis of strategy, strategists, and the field encases all this will profound wisdom. For instance:

- To meet on the field is one level of strategy; to pre-empt meeting a higher strategy; to pre-mass-cognise the need for pre-emptiion a higher strategy; to be above the field a higher still; and to be completely beyond the field the highest strategy of all.
- Fear gives rise to anger which gives rise to hatred. Address the fear and the basis for anger and hatred vanishes.
- Greed gives rise to lust which gives rise to malice. Address the greed and the basis for lust and malice vanishes.

Some of Petal's statements stopped me in my tracks in wonderment. There is much meat for contemplation and inspiration here.


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