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Friday, April 08, 2005

What we know about pain, and what we can all do about it:

The receptors for pain signals (nociceptors) are numerous.

- There are all-purpose pain receptors called TRPs. Their sensitivity thresholds and exact biochemical pathways are being unravelled at present.
- There are specific purpose nociceptors called ASIC, appear to be associated with acid conditions in the body, interestingly.
- Extracellular ATP receptors are also being studied to prove how they become primed for long term pain problems. ATP is the fuel cells run on, metaphorically speaking.
- "Certain subtypes are expressed almost exclusively in peripheral sensory neurons, potentially providing a selective drug target." Translation: some pain isn't part of the overall nervous system, but a local system going AWOL. :-)

Conclusions, anyone?

"...the most commonly used pain medications, such as opioids and non-steroidal inflammatory agents, also act on receptors outside the pain pathway, causing unwanted side effects."

Oh dear. LOL.

So the take-away value of all this is as follows:

- Eat a alkaline diet (fresh food, whole food, and purified water.)
- Recover fully from an illness by cleaning the bowels out with herbs, lemon juice, etc (so that the extracellular ATP receptors have a chance to reset themselves.)
- Bring pain into everyday life, instead of isolating it to a "damn ankle" or "stupid wrist", which would tent to isolate the stimulus in the peripheral sensory systems and keep it out of conscious awareness. In other words, be mindful of pain rather than mindless.

Pretty basic stuff, I am sure. Like all truth they are commonsense until it comes time to apply them!


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