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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Substantial steps towards a cure for schizophrenia:

The cure for depression has been with us for several decades now. This site has taken another step towards a cure for schizophrenia which promises to help many millions in the future. This is inspirational news for me, and uplifts the overall level of consciousness.

This breakthrough shows with certainty that the brain tissue loss that we now know occurs in schizophrenia patients is directly linked to impaired brain function and the abnormal thinking they experience.

The case study on television shows how good eating, sport, and a concern for others align the sufferers of mental illness with natural healing consequences. The TV show (Four Corners) also dramatically illustrates how association with the energy fields of drug, alcohol, certain kinds of music, and the spiritual ugliness of inner city environments pulls down the overall level of mental health.

Interesting stuff!


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