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Friday, April 08, 2005

On Mindfulness

I have two concerns:

Does mindfulness cure pain?


How can I distill the essence of the cure into the simplest possible words?

The second question is answered here:

A totally free book, Mindfulness in Plain English, available online here.

The first question is a little more difficult to fathom.

Common sense tells us that pain comes from the site on the body that recieves the inflammation. But the signal arrives at the mind through the filters of social and moral senses of the world. So the reality is that our attitude to pain can significantly alter it's impact.

Can it cure it? I will have to learn a little more about this subject. Clearly it is a complex non-Western topic which requires openness and sensitivity to enter.

and an article on 'How to deal with pain':

That's it for today. The pope's funeral is on television. I have the volume down low and the radio playing Beethoven's ninth symphony, which I plan to simply absorb on the couch while I witness the pope laid to rest.


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