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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

rave about modern music, please ignore

paul says: (10:19:25 AM)

paul says: (10:19:39 AM)
   got mozart's great symphony playing in the background

paul says: (10:19:59 AM)
   even a flustered bad rendition of it can't manage to screw up the music

paul says: (10:20:06 AM)
   it's bloody magnificent

Craig - says: (10:20:11 AM)

paul says: (10:20:26 AM)
   i have this view of classical music, right

paul says: (10:20:34 AM)
   the romantics discovered the vibrato, yeah

paul says: (10:20:52 AM)
   which is where the violins sorta wiggle to produce a more emotive and expressive undulation of tone

paul says: (10:21:11 AM)
   so the romantics wrote all this stuff with vibrato in it and people played it all their lives

paul says: (10:21:33 AM)
   and then, at the end of the C18th, they rediscovered baroque music

paul says: (10:22:05 AM)
   and even tho they didn't HAVE vibrato then, and they relied on structural principles to express emotion instead that worked fine, the moderns

paul says: (10:22:19 AM)
   always play older music with this fucking vibrato that screws up the strucutre

paul says: (10:22:22 AM)

paul says: (10:22:49 AM)
   so you get music like Handel's messiah, which is scored for 24 instruments and ten singers

paul says: (10:23:09 AM)
   being performed by over 100 musicians and fifty plus singers

Craig - says: (10:23:36 AM)

paul says: (10:23:37 AM)
   all destroying it with funny quavering vibrato that was never in the original score and

paul says: (10:23:54 AM)
   in beethovens time it was used selectively (vibrato that is)

paul says: (10:24:10 AM)
   but even he scored symphonies for like 30 insturments

paul says: (10:24:36 AM)
   and now we use a cast of thousands to do his work and it's not as pure and light a sound as the original beethoven

paul says: (10:24:46 AM)
   i mean, have you heard beethoven?

paul says: (10:24:55 AM)
   it's fucken magic when it's well done

paul says: (10:25:08 AM)
   but it's become synonymous with german dullness and heaviness

paul says: (10:25:18 AM)
   which couldn't be further from the truth

paul says: (10:25:27 AM)
   anyway, that's my rave on modern music


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