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Sunday, November 28, 2004

Faith in opportunity.

It is very easy to look at difficulty I experience now as a mute animal would, without thinking or considering how I cause it by my choices.

Furthermore, it is possible to look at the mental disorder of anxiety as a plain old Problem, with no upside at all. Or, on the other hand, it is possible to look at it as an invigorating challenge, even as a source of self-esteem/pride/sense of achievement. After all, I have managed to survive and often thrive with the condition for some time now.

But is it possible for me to see it as an opportunity?

On the Hawkins map of human consciousness, from zero to a thousand, consciousness above 200 is positively charged. In the 200s, those whose consciousness tests at that level using kinesiology are able to deal with problems effectively and survive okay, whilst people below 200 must simply survive their difficulties as best they can. But once we get to the 300s, the situation is completely different. Consciousness at that level is about opportunity. Instead of handling challenge, the (few) people who rate at that level actively seek challenges out in order to grow! And it would seem to me that is the difference between someone like myself, who is positive but only in the low 200s much of the time, and someone like my friends Matt and Marc, who both rate at 350: we have a different attitude to challenges. When I see problems they see opportunities.

So that answers my question: No, it's not possible for me to see anxiety as an opportunity... yet. But one day soon I have faith it will be.


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