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Monday, November 15, 2004

I write a play and track down education opportunities

Today I wrote a one-man play, entitled "Public Displays of Affection Betweeen Men". It is about aggression and mutuality between two men, once friends, now enemies, and their contemplation of shifting relations. The acts came clearly in three "arenas"; Arena One, In the Boardroom (which I wrote today); Arena Two, On the Steet (which I haven't written, but which is between a bum on the street and a student who has just dropped out of society); and Arena Three, In the Bedroom, which I as yet have no idea what it's about.

Today also I tracked down the person who by ringing me to talk about funding had so disturbed my day yesterday as to render it a lost cause. We talked more about funding, and I talked about my goals:

To be in full time training work that I love by February 2005.
To be looking for such work by January.
And, therefore, to achieve my Training Certification successful by the new year, around a month and a half away.

As to the "management plan", it involves very simply this:

working when i can work.
resting when I cannot.
and doing my best to be positive.

lol... it's a bloody good start, compared to the very average, survival-level of business at the moment.

Anyway, that's my thoughts for today.

I look quite strange at the moment I suspect... wearing a hooded running top on a hot day, with a small beard and a yellow clothe bag, stopping as I walk to flip out my black leather bureau to write more of the play as it arises in awareness. It is good to allow creation to happen. My character Simon says as much, though he is in a hard spot in the play and unable to create, even the act of selfing, so to speak, is a creative act. It is not so bad a tale.


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